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Assist in development and implementation of a Community Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Action Plan and Reduction Target.

greenstatusFinal update (September 2014)
Significant stakeholder consultation was conducted during the creation the Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan. The Plan was unanimously approved by Regional Council and the three local Cities with a 6% emission reduction target. All involved parties will continue with the collaborative multi-stakeholder approach to implementing the action plan and will be establishing a Leadership Committee this Fall for this purpose. 

Progress Update (September 2013)

Signficant Stakeholder Consultation has been conducted over the past year to create an action plan that is in the final stages of development. The community Greenhouse Gas reduction plan and proposed target is being planned for consideration by the three area City Councils and Regional Council in the October/November 2013 timeframe.  It will be important to achieve consensus on the reduction target amongst the upper tier and lower tier municipalities to achieve consistent and clear community enagagement and messaging as the plan is implemented.

Progress Update (January 2013)

The Region of Waterloo is participating in a multi-stakeholder initiative, referred to as the Climate Collaborative, which aims to contribute to the development of a community-wide Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Action Plan (CR-FM-11-012).  

Recently, the collaborative completed a community GHG emissions inventory and forecast to determine the "carbon footprint" of Waterloo Region through local energy use, traffic volume, waste sent to landfill, and some agricultural activities.

The Climate Collaborative has successfully leveraged significant financial resources for this project to continue the emission reduction planning phase which aims to draw important links between achieving related social, economic and environmental goals.

Stakeholder engagement and ongoing partnership building will be critical to the successful development and implementation of this action plan which is scheduled to presented area municipal and Regional Councils in 2013.

Progress Indicators

  • Council approval of Climate Collaborative
  • Secure external funding resources
  • Expand partnership (e.g. Municipalities, Utilities)
  • Compile community GHG emissions inventory
  • Develop stakeholder supported GHG reduction action plan
  • Council approval of a community GHG reduction target)


greenindicator   Strong progress achieved   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (PDF)
yellowindicator   Moderate progress achieved   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (RTF)
redindicator   Progress needed   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (Flash)