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Develop an Energy Reduction Plan for Water and Wastewater facilities.


Final update (September 2014)
A five year energy plan has been developed for water and wastewater treatment facilities. The plan focuses on energy audits and studies that will lead to the development of business cases (i.e. costs, savings, payback) for the planning and implementation of conservation and demand management projects.  Planned audits and studies include:

  • Water Distribution Optimization Studies
  • Preliminary & Detailed Engineering (Process Energy) Studies
  • Building Automation & Control (HVAC/Lighting) Audits
  • Power Monitoring System Development & Integration into SCADA

As business cases for conservation and demand management projects arise from these studies, feasibility will be evaluated and the projects added to the plan.  Projects involve equipment upgrades, modifications or replacements as well as operational control strategies and process optimization.

Progress update (September 2013)

Tracking of energy usage at water and wastewater treatment facilities is ongoing.

  • To further develop the list of future opportunities, a planned activity includes energy auditing.
  • A consultant has been retained to identify energy conservation opportunities and provide a detailed assessment of each opportunity including estimates of savings, costs, payback, etc.
  • The audit scope would be limited to one plant at a time and focus on high energy processes

Progress Update (January 2013)

Tracking of energy usage at water and wastewater treatment facilities is ongoing.

Annual reporting will be established to meet the requirements of the Green Energy Act commencing July 2013. 

Comprehensive review and accounting of Green House Gas (GHG) has been completed for both water and wastewater treatment facilities.  The Water Services working group has been established to develop and implement an energy plan in co-ordination with the Corporate Energy Office in the Facilities Management & Fleet Services Division.   

Progress Indicators

  • Development and implementation of Energy Reduction Plan.


greenindicator   Strong progress achieved   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (PDF)
yellowindicator   Moderate progress achieved   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (RTF)
redindicator   Progress needed   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (Flash)