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Growth Management and Prosperity

Focus Area 2:  Growth Management and Prosperity: Manage growth to foster thriving and productive urban and rural communities.

What did we hear?

growthmanagementandprosperity-roundPeople like living in Waterloo Region. They believe it is a safe community, which has a small town feel with big city advantages. The location of Waterloo Region and the blend and close proximity of rural and urban areas and even the Region's geographical location in relation to other city centres received positive praise. Residents also see arts, culture and heritage as important aspects of the community. Waterloo Region residents see the need for proper maintenance and management of planned growth, which included building vibrant urban places, protecting our countryside, fostering a strong and prosperous economy while still maintaining the small town feel.

Priorities identified include:

  • Continue to manage and shape growth.
  • Ensure infrastructure meets the demands of a growing community.
  • Enhance our arts, culture and heritage.
  • Strengthen partnerships with all orders of government and our community partners to plan and manage growth.
  • Support a diverse, innovative and globally competitive economy.

What are we doing?

Managing and shaping growth to maintain rural and urban harmony is key to fostering individual and community well-being.  The Region of Waterloo is implementing a Growth Management Plan and will work in partnership with the community and area municipalities to cultivate a vibrant region that is globally competitive, supports a diverse and prosperous economy, preserves heritage and creates spaces that maintain quality of life for people of Waterloo Region.

2.1 Encourage compact, livable urban and rural settlement form.  
2.1.1 Implement a sustainable Brownfield Program to promote the redevelopment of previously contaminated sites. greenindicator
2.1.2 Work with area municipalities to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to promote intensification and reurbanization within existing urban areas. greenindicator
2.2 Develop, optimize and maintain infrastructure to meet current and projected needs.      
2.2.1 Continue to prioritize and implement capital program projects required to meet community needs and ensure sustainability. greenindicator
2.2.2  Develop and implement a comprehensive asset management strategy to achieve optimal long-term value from regional infrastructure. greenindicator
2.2.3  Complete the Regional Development Charge By-law review and update. greenindicator
2.3  Support a diverse, innovative and globally competitive economy.  
2.3.1  Advance New East Side Employment Lands toward Development Readiness. greenindicator
2.3.2  Continue to identify and support partnership opportunities that foster innovation and economic development (e.g. post secondary institutions, technology, manufacturing, food processing, etc.) greenindicator
2.3.3 Strengthen the coordination and implementation of economic development activities by clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the Region, area municipalities and other key stakeholders (e.g. Canada's Technology Triangle). greenindicator
2.4 Promote and enhance arts, culture and heritage.  
2.4.1  Work with the Creative Enterprise Enabling Organization, area municipalities and others to strengthen the arts and culture sector. greenindicator
2.4.2 Provide opportunities to optimize the use of Regional cultural facilities, with a focus on the new Waterloo Region Museum. greenindicator
2.4.3 Establish a Regional Heritage Conservation Toolbox. greenindicator




greenindicator   Strong progress achieved   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (PDF)
yellowindicator   Moderate progress achieved   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (RTF)
redindicator   Progress needed   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (Flash)