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Healthy and Inclusive Communities

Focus Area 4:  Healthy and Inclusive Communities: Foster healthy, safe, inclusive and caring communities.

What did we hear?

healthyandinclusivecommunities-roundFostering healthy, safe, inclusive and caring communities is very important to our community. Environmental and social conditions such as poverty were cited as having a great impact on the health and safety of our community. The Region needs to respond to the changing and diverse needs of the community to provide services that are supportive, caring, inclusive and accessible to citizens and communities.

Priorities identified include:

  • Reduce poverty.
  • Create more and better affordable housing.
  • Reduce emergency room wait times.
  • Collaborate with the comunity to support the development of services for children.
  • Plan and support programs that enable older adults to live healthy, active lives.

What are we doing?

The Region of Waterloo will work with community partners to take actions to reduce inequities and enhance community health, safety, inclusion and quality of life.  The Region plans and provides programs and services to respond to the changing demographics and diverse needs of the community.  This creates opportunities for people to develop to their full potential and to make a positive difference at all stages of life.

4.1 Work collaboratively to reduce poverty.  
4.1.1 Develop and implement the Region of Waterloo's comprehensive approach to poverty reduction. greenindicator
4.1.2 Continue to collaborate with community partners in broad based efforts to reduce poverty.  greenindicator
4.2 Foster healthy living through information, education, policy development and health promotion.  
4.2.1 Work with community partners to improve harm reduction and prevention programming for substance misuse. greenindicator
4.2.2  Establish and coordinate a Healthy Communities Partnership in Waterloo Region to take action regarding three community identified priorities:  healthy eating, physical activity and mental health promotion. greenindicator
4.2.3  Plan and implement a Youth Engagement Initiative to inform and direct youth-based health promotion work. greenindicator
4.3  Enhance local health service delivery by optimizing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) delivery and collaborating with health care partners to support system change.  
4.3.1  Continue to address population growth and demographic changes through the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Master Plan. greenindicator
4.3.2  Advocate and support health care system changes to reduce EMS offload delays in area hospitals. greenindicator
4.4 Enhance community safety and crime prevention.  
4.4.1  Work with the Crime Prevention Council to develop an Integrated Drugs Strategy. greenindicator
4.4.2 Work with the Crime Prevention Council to develop and implement the Street Gang Prevention Project. greenindicator
4.5 Work collaboratively to increase the supply and range of affordable housing and reduce homelessness.  
4.5.1 Update and implement the Homelessness to Housing Stability Strategy. greenindicator
4.5.2 Update and monitor the implementation of the Region of Waterloo Affordable Housing Strategy prioritizing the creation of new supportive and lower income housing. greenindicator
4.6 Collaborate with the community to support the development of services for children.  
4.6.1 Develop and implement an Early Years System Plan (Children's Strategy). greenindicator
4.6.2 Work with the Boards of Education to implement the Provincial Early Learning Framework. greenindicator
4.6.3  Work with community partners to further streamline the process for identifying families of children at risk for poor child development outcomes and linking them to appropriate supports/programs. greenindicator
4.7 Collaborate with the community to support older adults to live healthy, active lives.  
4.7.1 Work with area municipalities and community partners to develop a Seniors' Strategy that actively supports the well-being of older adults. greenindicator
4.7.2  Work with community partners to establish a Seniors Advisory Committee that will provide advice on planning and issues for older adult programs and services. and services for immigrants/refugees. greenindicator
4.8 Partner with the community to improve programs  
4.8.1 Continue to support the Immigration Partnership in its work to coordinate efforts to attract, welcome and integrate immigrants and refugees in our community. greenindicator




greenindicator   Strong progress achieved   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (PDF)
yellowindicator   Moderate progress achieved   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (RTF)
redindicator   Progress needed   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (Flash)