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Message from the Chief Administrative Officer


Mike MurrayThe Region offers a wide range of programs and services that make a positive difference every day in our community. The 2011-2014 Strategic Plan provides a common focus and a set of priorities for the organization to ensure we continue to meet the community’s changing needs. One of the most rewarding aspects of developing this plan was the way citizens and Regional staff enthusiastically participated in the process to help to shape the future of our community. This input helped Regional Council define five areas of focus, 27 strategic objectives and 73 actions in order to address community priorities.

We benefited greatly from the guidance and direction of Regional Council, and from ongoing partnerships with many groups and individuals including the area municipalities, community partners and advisory committees. I would like to thank everyone who helped to shape the vision and priorities reflected in this plan. I would also like to extend a special acknowledgment to the Region’s Corporate Leadership Team and Senior Management Team for their vital role in the strategic planning and implementation process.

The vision for the Region is to be an inclusive, thriving and sustainable community committed to maintaining harmony between rural and urban areas and fostering opportunities for current and future generations. Regional staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing excellent public service by understanding and meeting the needs of all those we serve. By providing excellent service we hope to promote public trust and confidence in the region, and to help build a community that is inclusive, thriving, sustainable and prepared for the future.

As we work on achieving our vision, we know that the journey will come with challenges. It will require that the Region lead by example and work collaboratively and creatively with our community stakeholders and partners. We are ready for the challenge and embrace the opportunity to create the community we desire to ensure there is a rich legacy left for future generations.


Mike Murray