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Message from the Regional Chair


Ken SeilingAt the beginning of each term, Regional Council works with the public and Regional staff to develop a set of strategic priorities that will guide its work during the term. Earlier this year, we began an extensive public consultation process including online, paper and telephone surveys and focus group sessions. The response from you has been tremendous and the input received from the community and staff is reflected in our new plan.

We are pleased to present the Strategic Plan for the 2011-2014 Regional Council term. The plan sets out strategic priorities under five broad focus areas - Environmental Sustainability, Growth Management and Prosperity, Sustainable Transportation, Healthy and Inclusive Communities, Service Excellence - and identifies the actions we need to take to realize our goals.

Each member of Regional Council has been involved in creating this plan that will guide us as we work together to attain our vision of an inclusive, thriving, and sustainable community. We will also be reporting to you regularly on our progress as we implement the plan.

Waterloo Region is a thriving community with an energy and spirit of collaboration that is unparalleled. It is important that we continue to plan carefully and work in partnership with the community to ensure it remains a place we are all proud to call home.


Ken Seiling