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Conduct an employee survey and take follow-up actions.


Final update (September 2014)
One of the key outcomes for the 2012 Employee Survey was to identify the drivers of employee engagement so that the Region can take a more focused approach to action planning and begin to measure the link between employee engagement and citizen/client satisfaction. The objectives for the 2012 Region of Waterloo Employee Survey were to:

  • To make the Region an even better place to work.
  • To find out what is really important to employees at work; and
  • To find out what has changed since we did the last survey in 2008.

In total, 2,117 employees out of a population of 3,195 completed the survey. This represents an impressive response rate of 66%. Following the Survey, the Corporate Leadership Team approved two corporate actions: Dialogue with Employees and, Encouraging Employee Contributions. Specific actions and implementation plans have been identified for each priority and almost half of all divisions have identified divisional actions with the remaining divisions in the process of identifying their actions. The majority of divisional actions are tied to the corporate priorities.

Progress Update (September 2013)

This strategic action includes measuring employee engagement through an employee survey, identifying the drivers of employee engagement, as well as taking actions in response to the survey results. The Region conducted its first employee survey in 2008. The 2008 survey initiative engaged employees across our organization in helping to make changes to things that are important to them at work.

All employees were given an opportunity to complete a 2012 employee survey. We successfully achieved a response rate of 66%. The Corporate Survey Report was released March 7th and it identified 5 drivers of employee engagement: Service and Leadership; Contribution; Opportunities for Advancement; Managing Workload; and Supervisor/Feedback. Corporate Leadership Team and Senior Management Team met in late March, early April to identify corporate priorities for action. Directors began communicating divisional results in April. Implementation of actions will begin in September 2013.

Progress Update (January 2013)

Resurveying employees is an effective way to monitor and quantify the progress and success of the changes that have been made.  A Request for Proposals process was recently concluded which resulted in a new service provider, Harris/Decima, being selected to conduct the survey.

Communication to inform employees about the 2012 survey and how they can get involved has occurred. The Region has developed the various elements of the survey project including the survey focus, communication strategy and survey action planning process and will be implemented throug the period of November 13-December 7, 2012.

Progress Indicators

  • Survey conducted
  • Actions developed & implemented
  • Measure change in employee satisfaction from 2008 survey


greenindicator   Strong progress achieved   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (PDF)
yellowindicator   Moderate progress achieved   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (RTF)
redindicator   Progress needed   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (Flash)