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Define and implement an open data program that improves the ability of the public to find, download and use Region of Waterloo data. 

greenstatusFinal update (September 2014)
A project team (consisting of members from Legal Services, Information Management and Archives, Citizen Services, Corporate Communications, Planning Information and Research, Information Technology Services and Transportation Planning) was struck to conduct a feasibility study and investigation of options for implementing an open data site.
The project was conducted in three phases over a one-year period. The objectives of the open data project were to:

  • Develop an open data catalogue.
  • Create an Open Data webpage.
  • Develop a process to evaluate Regional data sets.
  • Release data sets for public use for initial release.
  • Develop a planned approach to release more data over time.
  • Develop an ongoing internal governance structure.
  • Develop a data license.

All of these objectives have now been achieved. The Open Data webpage on the Region’s web site, officially launched on December 9, 2011and was the first upper-tier open data portal in Canada.

Progress Update (September 2013)

Status unchanged.

Progress Update (January 2013)

The three phases of implementation, including: Initial Development and Rollout, Review and Refinement and Expansion and Ongoing Evaluation, have been met on time and without budget expenditure. 

As the implementation wraps up, a report will go to Council in the fall of 2012. The report will evaluate the success of the project and include a plan to enhance Open Data at the Region and to further expand the Open Data catalogue.

Progress Indicators

  • Report, Recommendations and Presentation to the Corporate Leadership Team and Administration and Finance Committee and approval to implement recommendations


greenindicator   Strong progress achieved   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (PDF)
yellowindicator   Moderate progress achieved   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (RTF)
redindicator   Progress needed   2011-2014 Strategic Plan (Flash)